Pinnacle Machine is pleased to announce some exciting news that 2013 has brought for us. These changes include the expansion of our facility, operations and manpower as well as certification from the Department of Veteran Affairs as a Disabled Veteran Owned Business. Being a valued customer of Pinnacle Machine we want to let you know of the changes that have happened and offer you the opportunity to take advantage of the new services we can now offer. We are dedicated to growing a strong business relationship through continuing to supply you with a quality product and on time delivery. 

We have expanded our operations at Pinnacle Machine through the acquisition of a 24,000 square foot building, conveniently located directly next door to our current 22,000 square foot facility. Along with the new building we have added some new machines, these include; a 80 x 40 CNC Mill, a 60 x 30 CNC mill and a 28 x 120” CNC lathe. We are also currently in the planning phase of adding a 98” CNC VBM and a 140” x 100” HBM. The new equipment and facilities are part of our efforts to achieve a lean manufacturing philosophy to aid in supplying our customers with a quality product at a competitive price. 

Pinnacle Machine has also been certified as a Disabled Veteran Owned Business via the Department of Veteran Affairs as of May 2013. This makes us an eligible candidate for any government contracting. The certification is part of our efforts to serve our customers with all of their affirmative action goals and for ease and convenience. 

Through the changes at Pinnacle Machine we are continuing to provide the quality product our customers demand and habitual on time deliveries. We strive to be the full service machine shop that handles all of our customers’ needs.  




Don Miller